Do you want more? Be more!


Things don’t change if you hope they change. Hope is not a strategy.


From your thoughts to your feeling, from your feelings to your actions, from your actions to your results. Do you want better results? Elaborate better thoughts.


Life is growth: what stops growing starts ceasing.


Discipline is the strength that gives you the freedom of living the life you want to live.

Paola Pagani

I help Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders to be their best version to have a higher level of performance and achieve what they want, in business and life, thanks to an exclusive and personalized system.

Immediate impact. Sustainable change. Measurable results.

Mental Coach and NLP Master Practitioner certified by Richard Bandler, I graduated from Anthony Robbins‘s Mastery and Leadership Mastery University, and I undertook an ongoing training course in Coaching and Peak Performance Coaching in the United States, which lead me to be named – unique in Italy – a Robbins Research International’s Peak Performance Results Coach. I have learned and achieved a lot, and I sincerely hope to inspire you and teach you some of the effective strategies I have studied, developed, and personally applied to my business. My coaching program is a real 360-degree training that will enable you to access your potential and use it at its fullest, create effective and lasting changes, and achieving excellent results in both your life and business.

Turn your uniqueness into excellence.

What will you get from my Coaching program?

Cosa puoi ottenere dal mio sistema di Coaching?


Different questions lead to different answers. Gain more clarity about your strengths and weaknesses, and learn to eliminate the obstacles that will not allow you to achieve the success you want. 


Your Coach's determination will push you to discover and nourish your magnificent obsession, and that strength will guide you and help you move steadily and effectively towards your winning destiny. 


Acquire a high psychophysical balance in order to gain more and better-quality energy, learning how to manage stress and gaining security and satisfaction, natural fuel of focus and concentration. 


Get accustomed to utilize simple and effective techniques in order to quickly access a winning mental and emotional state, always using the best of your talents and abilities.


Acquisisci una maggiore consapevolezza riguardo ciò che vuoi e al tuo potenziale, e impara a eliminare gli ostacoli che non ti consentono di essere chi vuoi essere e realizzare il successo che desideri. La consapevolezza è potere.


Il potere della consapevolezza ti garantisce una forza inarrestabile che ti guida e ti sostiene nel muoverti costantemente e efficacemente verso standard sempre più elevati, rimanendo saldamente sul tuo percorso di crescita continua e costante.


Raggiungi un elevato equilibrio psico-fisico che ti consente di coltivare e disporre di un'energia maggiore e di migliore qualità, imparando a gestire lo stress e ad acquisire quella confidenza e quella soddisfazione che sono il carburante naturale della tua concentrazione.


Allenati ad utilizzare tecniche e strumenti semplici e di comprovata efficacia per ottenere velocemente uno stato mentale ed emotivo vincente, grazie al quale accedere costantemente al tuo potenziale, ai tuoi talenti e alle tue capacità. Diventa inarrestabile.

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I started working with Paola about two years ago and my life has moved toward the direction I set.

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Eugenio Marino

Medical Doctor

I met Paola following Tony Robbins’s imperative claim “Find a Coach!” at the end of his UPW in Rome, in 2010.

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Fabio Conforti

Marketing Manager

The path taken with Paola led me to have a better awareness of my skills and therefore more security.

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Fabio Costa


The glass is always half full!

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Stefano Durante

C.E.O. , Durante S.p.a.

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