Fabio Conforti - Paola Pagani
I met Paola following Tony Robbins’s imperative claim “Find a Coach!” at the end of his UPW in Rome, in 2010. I was then a top-manager who lost his job after the sudden bankruptcy of the group I was working for. I was fifty years old and with a life to start over from scratch. National stats gave were giving me no hope: no chance of relocating to work, little or no credibility banks, no professional prospects. Within a few years, thanks to the work with Paola, her tenacity and above all her patience, I rebuilt myself from zero, or maybe I should say from below zero. Today I am still a manager, this time in a very young and internationally successful company, I have written two books, I have realized my “dream in the drawer”, Iurop, my blog-magazine, and I have a happy family and sentimental life. So thank you, Paola, really thank you!

Fabio Conforti
Marketing Manager